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Who is Trust Your Dog?

Hi, I'm Amy Creaven. I'm first and foremost a wife, mom, dog mom, and dog trainer. Prior to COVID, I frequently worked with dogs who needed to wear a muzzle for a wide variety of reasons. I started making muzzles when I couldn't get my clients into muzzles for a variety of reasons. I really enjoy working with people to make high quality dog products that fit your needs and bring confidence to my clients.

What does Trust Your Dog strive for?

Trust Your Dog’s muzzles enable dogs to join their humans in spaces some would have never thought possible. Each muzzle is expertly fit and hand-made, with the choice of bright colors and bling intended to break down the stigma against muzzles.Our mission is to give humans comfort in knowing their dog is safe, and their dogs the confidence and inclusion they deserve. Our muzzles openworlds to new and unimagined possibilities, all by empoweringhumans to trust their dogs.