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Modification/Exchange Policy (Applies to all Orders)

We understand that sometimes mistakes are made with measurements and despite careful checks and balances you may receive a muzzle that doesn't quite fit right. TYD is happy to modify or exchange any products that are in unused condition.

***Buyer is responsible for shipping costs to return item and purchase of a Muzzle Modification service. Return orders and exchanges may be sent to 1502 N. Shields St, Fort Collins, CO 80524.

Any muzzles that are returned for exchange MUST be in UNUSED condition in order to be modified. Unused condition is defined as no scratches/scuffs/rust/broken or torn straps.

This policy is VOID if a product is damaged due to a product being chewed, pawed at, scraped on the ground, or modified by the client in any way. Muzzles that have some wear and tear can be returned for modification ONLY and can not be exchanged. Some modifications are not possible after a muzzle is made so make sure to reach out ASAP if you are concerned about fit.

If you receive your order and you are unsatisfied with the products please contact Amy at trustyourdogm@gmail.com immediately. We are happy to make modifications or exchange any products you receive.

Measurement Disclaimer: Measure Carefully!

Muzzles are custom made to fit the dimensions that you enter upon ordering. We rely on those numbers and can not anticipate incorrect measurements. If a muzzle is made and does not fit correctly due to incorrect measurements a client may exchange their muzzle using the modification service. Client is responsible for return shipping.

Measurement Tips:

TAKE PHOTOS! After you place your order, you will recieve a confirmation email requesting that you submit photos of your dog's measurements to ensure accuracy. I will change any inaccurate measurements then and can also make some educated guesses on measurements if your dog isn't comfortable with a measuring tape around their face (I mean who would?).

When measuring for pant room you can place a ball in your dog's mouth and measure that muzzle circumference. Most dog's panting circumference is within 0-3" of a snug neck circumference taken just behind the dog's ears. Securing a loop of measuring tape with a paperclip allows the tape to slide but not fall apart so you can get a more reliable measurement without pinching the tape and accidentally dropping it. Measure each dimension several times to make sure you're getting a consistent result. Dogs move and are difficult to measure sometimes. Taking a picture is sometimes helpful/easier when you have an extra person. Nose length should be measured from where you want the muzzle to rest on the dog's nose (in front of the eyes) to the tip of the nose. Please do not add any length. Short nosed dogs or dogs with underbites: Measure both the length to the tip of their nose AND the length to the tip of their underbite from an aerial view.

Exceptions Waiver: Custom Muzzle Design Exception Waiver

Muzzles are custom designed and built for specific reasons. While I will do everything that I can to design the muzzle you would like sometimes requests that are made may compromise the structure and functionality of the muzzle itself. In these cases I will work with you to make it exactly what you want BUT you will have to sign a waiver relinquishing the above return policies.

Liability: Use products safely

It is the responsibility of the buyer to use all products safely and as they were designed.

Biothane muzzles are soft muzzles and while they do help diminish the opportunity and damage from some bites, a determined biter may fold the muzzle into their mouth on contact with their target and still be able to bite. By purchasing a muzzle you acknowledge that you are aware of the inherent risks of animal ownership and you release TYD from any accident or injury that occurs during the use of one of our products.

What to Expect After Placing Your Order

After you place your order for a custom designed muzzle you'll receive an automated confirmation email from me (check your spam folder and that you can get emails from me) asking for photograph submissions of your dog's measurements.

CLICK HEREto submit photos.If all the measurements look good your order will be approved for production. If Amy has questions you'll receive an email asking for clarification. No news is good news.

Once your order is completed and boxed up you'll get a shipping confirmation about 4-6 weeks after your order is placed or 2-3 weeks after placing a rush order (these estimates may vary during holidays). You'll then be able to track your package until it arrives at your door. Turn around times on custom leashes and long lines is 1-2 weeks (unless otherwise noted).