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Need More Help Measuring Your Dog?

Whether you need help adjusting the muzzle you already ordered or measuring your dog because you're home alone, can't manage to get photo or video of measurements, or can't get your hands on your dog for safety reasons a Muzzle Measuring Session can help. It's also nice to have some reassurance and ability to have some dialogue about what the different options actually are!

With a Muzzle Measuring Session you can get a trained TYD staff members's eyes on you and your dog and discuss any concerns you might have real time! The staff will also have assurance of how the measurements were taken and be able to make adjustments to ensure a proper fit of your custom muzzle.

Once measurements are taken the staff member can walk you through the whole ordering process during the virtual meeting OR you can get an email with the measurements that were taken and discussed on the session so you can place your order when you're ready.


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