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Euro Leash (7 feet)

Euro Leash (7 feet)

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A super versatile 7-foot long leash for running around town with your pup!
There are at least 8 ways to configure this leash and I'm sure there are more:
1) As a straight leash
2) Double Dog Leash/Coupler
3) Regular leash with a handle
4) Easy clip loop for various widths for tethering
5) Over your shoulder leash
6) Half Length Leash
7) Adjustable Waist Leash 8) Slip/Martingale lead with limited-slip stoppers


Biothane is a sturdy yet easily cleaned leather alternative. It is made of a coated webbing that easily repels mud, dirt, sand, and water. It is strong yet lightweight, making it perfect for muzzles and leashes.

Some products are also made with vinyl, is also a flexible and lightweight yet sturdy option for muzzles.

Shipping & Returns


Shipping in the US is completed by USPS or UPS. International shipping is handled by UPS or DHL.

Allow 1-2 Weeks for custom leashes/long lines to be produced

Allow 2-3 Weeks for Rushed Custom Muzzle orders

Allow 4-6 Weeks for all other Custom Muzzle Orders.


*I acknowledge that I am ordering custom-made products to fit my specifications. Per this store's policy custom orders areΒ not eligible for return or refund.

*I may order a modification service to have myΒ UNUSEDΒ product adjusted or exchanged. Shipping to TYD is the buyer's financial responsibility. PleaseΒ contact TYDΒ to describe the issue you're having and to arrange servicing or exchange of your product.

*Only available in the United States.

*Any used/damaged items are not eligible for exchange or return.

*For more information see theΒ Policies Page.

Care Instructions

One of the things we love most about biothane is how easy it is to clean! In most cases, you can simply wipe the biothane down with a wet wipe or cloth. For bigger messes, soak the leash or muzzle with a bit of dish soap, then wipe down, rinse, and dry.

Biothane can be washed in the dishwasher if you avoid sanitizing and high heat cycles. Be sure to contain the leash so it doesn't tangle in the washer!

Ensure you rinse your metal parts with clean water and allow to dry if they come in contact with saltwater or gritty sand.

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